Do we live in a world where facts don't matter?

While facts and logic surely have some value, here's five occasions when we can all agree they don't matter much.


Have you noticed the headlines about sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault by celebrities and politicians? These are very smart people whose horniness has got them into career-ending hot water.

Facts don't matter when you are horny.


You're being obnoxious. You'll crash if you drive. Fighting could get you killed. Your beer goggles have gotten the best of you.

Facts don't matter when you're drunk.


If you're afraid of being single, you'll ignore your friends who say your date is bad news. You'll ignore the red flags your date (or, god forbid, your partner) is waving in your face.

If you're afraid to fly, being told that airline travel is safer than driving will not stop you from driving for two days. Facts don't matter when you're afraid.


You're squaring off in the middle of the street! That guy is twice your size! It's not worth it! Walk away!

Facts don't matter when you're angry.


Has anyone tried reasoning you out of your depression? You know damn well that doesn't work. Not much changes until the depression fades.

Facts don't matter when you're depressed.

So if you want facts to matter, first you'll have to filter out the people who are horny, drunk, afraid, angry, or depressed.