Any collected or stored personal information that cannot be traced back to a voluntary and informed publishing event is illegitimate - stolen, pirated. Possession or distribution of this pirated information contrary to the original terms is an infringement upon the original individual's rights. Any market for this type of information is a laundering and fencing operation - a black market, and gains derived from pirated personal information are illegitimate.

Many forms of published digital information, such as books, photographs, music, movies, television programs, software, documents, personal videos, and blog posts all have legal protection from unauthorized copying and distribution. Copyright and other intellectual property laws are becoming more restrictive and enforceable, favouring publisher's rights.

Treating personal information as property and developing a platform from which an individual can voluntarily publish or share information on terms of their choosing, in a reliable and safely verifiable form, would allow the same protections as other digital information. By taking this perspective, many difficult problems simply dissipate.