My name is Steve Hazel, and I'm a life-long software developer. Feel free to email me at steve at haxel dot ca.

I code a lot - mostly in Python and Javascript these days - and write a fair bit, as you may have noticed. When I'm not doing freelance development I'm often working on my long-term project called Benome.

Benome is my vision of what a personal computer would be if it was completely focused on benefiting its user. That is, a computer focused exclusively on value to an individual; a deeply personal computer whose sole purpose is to offer a competitive advantage. As you might imagine, there's a strong philosophical component to it and the result is quite unlike the computers we've grown accustomed to.

We have computers focused on games, on media consumption, on capturing personal information, and for any number of specialized tasks, but none that specifically do competitive advantage or value. That's where Benome comes in.