Online advertising has become a huge problem that affects everyone who uses the Internet.

Too many ads are disruptive, wasteful, expoitative, invasive, and downright dangerous, leading to millions of people enabling ad blockers. Thank you for ad blocking, put together by a former advertising insider, illustrates the broad danger of malware delivered by ad networks.

The underlying purpose of advertising is to improve a seller's ability to connect with buyers. There's shit to sell and by golly it will be sold. I believe we can achieve that goal without ruining the entire goddamn Internet, destroying privacy, and sowing fear and mistrust all over the place. These three laws provide a solid foundation atop which we can build a sustainable and legitimate replacement to online advertising as we know it.

Law 1: Individuals must digitize their own behavior in prediction-friendly form.

Your behavior is already tracked, modeled, and predicted by predatory organizations looking to take advantage of you. Flip the script by capturing that predictive value for your own benefit. The value of the information you digitize is proportional to how well it leads to useful predictions and meaningful connections via Law 3.

Law 2: Individuals retain the exclusive right to share or sell their information.

You choose who gets your information from Law 1 and in what form. This means privacy and control by default. You also choose the terms and conditions of its distribution and use via Law 3. Because the information you collect about yourself is of the highest possible quality and held exclusively by you, you'll have all the leverage.

Law 3: Sellers or middlemen who connect with buyers must compete openly for all information.

You should be incentivized to share your data or real-time predictions from Law 1. When you control your information, they'll have to give you a good reason to share it with them. Then, the use and handling of your information remains bound by the terms and conditions you defined via Law 2. This way, good actors get the good information while bad actors get stuck with bad information.

There it is

It's up to each of us whether we adhere to and enforce these laws. Currently we ignore them and so we perpetuate the problems of online advertising. We have only ourselves to blame. Yet the more people adhere to these laws, the faster we chip away at the abomination of online advertising as we know it.

I am developing software to reap the benefits of abiding by these laws. It's named Benome and it's basically a bunch of buttons.